We offer a translation service focused on translating texts from English to Chinese. The service is aimed at companies and organizations who wish to make their web texts, brochures or product information available for the Chinese market.

“English to Chinese Translations helped translate our company’s website last year. Their service was very professional and satisfactory the whole time. This is one of the most reliable translation services I’ve ever worked with. You can trust the quality and the prices they charge are very reasonable.”

English to Chinese Translations 去年翻译了我公司网站上所有的内容。这个团队非常专业,是我最信任的译者。我完全可以相信他们提供的译作质量,和诚实公平的价格

朱蓓 Zhu Bei

Head of Education Consultancy



The strength of our team is the dynamic between the translators and the fact that we are all passionate about producing high-quality texts.

Our company is registered with the KvK in Amsterdam under registration number 60802804.