About us

Willy Sier – Director of English to Chinese translations

Willy spent seven years in China; learning to master the Chinese language and understand Chinese culture. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Communication and a Master’s degree in Social Science, studying contemporary Asian society. Currently she is a PhD-candidate at the University of Amsterdam, studying the migratory behavior of Chinese youth.

Feeling passionate about language and its ability to connect people, she chose to start this translation service. Her aim is to offer an easy portal for Western people, organizations and businesses through which Chinese people can be reached.

Willy: “The lack of Chinese language in the Western world is still a huge obstacle for many Chinese people who wish to explore Western services. Being able to read information in their native language helps inspire confidence in the service they are looking into. In my experience, Chinese people appreciate this effort being made on their behalf.”

Meng Ting – Editor of English to Chinese translations

Meng Ting has a Master’s degree in English literature and has worked as a professional editor for five years. She is able to distill the core message of an English source text and translate that message, literally as well as culturally, to Chinese.

Meng Ting has a great passion for the English and Chinese language and is therefore an important member of the English to Chinese translations team. She is responsible for the final quality-control and editing of the translated text.

Meng Ting: “I have always liked to work with words. I believe that the strength of our team is the dynamic between the translators and the fact that we are all passionate about producing high-quality texts. We cross-check each other’s work to ensure the cultural dimension of the text is taken into consideration. I have learned much from the discussions within our team and always try to stay creative in finding the best translation solutions.”